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Handmade Metal Art by Sean Tuttle



We LOVE creating unique and beautiful works of aquatic art for ocean lover, fisherman, and nature enthusiasts. Ideal for homes and businesses decor, Tuttle Custom Design specializes in the fabrication of metal aquatic creatures. Our goal is to transform any location into a sublime marine environment. We offer various handcrafted saltwater and freshwater fish sculptures, as well as other aquatic creatures and designs. Whether you're just looking for one our creations or you have something custom in mind, we look forward to accommodating you.






























  • Our goal is to make every purchase efficient and hassle-free.
  • We guarantee the quality of our artwork and ship each sculpture with the ambition and expectation to amaze and astound. 
  • All our artwork is custom made. 
  • Wholesale pricing for businesses and collectors.
  • With the purchase of multiple sculptures, you have the opportunity to work with a designer to create your own custom wall scene.
  • All artwork is constructed, etched, painted, and signed by artist Sean Tuttle.

 75242-4884593722667-248165920-n.jpgWHO IS SEAN TUTTLE?

Sean Tuttle (°1979, Poughkeepsie, New York, United States) is an artist from Hampton, Virginia. He has been creating one of a kind abstract metal wall art commercially since 2004, and his works have been collected on five continents. Starting as an abstract artist working with raw aluminum sheet metal, Sean has evolved his layered metal etching technique into what you see today, a blending of color and light over the surfaces of his aquatic sea life sculptures. A devoted father, he is also a craftsman and photographer, an avid free diver, spear fisherman, angler, and bodyboarder. He draws inspiration from these passions, and uses his talents to share them with the world.





1016882-459132670850322-1387024031-n.jpgHOW IT'S MADE

Sean's technique evolved from his skills acquired as a sheet metal fabricator. He has been developing metal art for the last ten years, and every sculpture that Sean creates bares his signature technique.  Using handheld high-speed disc grinders, Sean is able to etch the features and details deep into the surface of the metal. The etched path distorts the direction of reflected light giving Sean free control over the light changing holographic effect. Being able to permanently change how the light is reflected from a surface has inspired Sean to create what you see today. Vibrant, glossy, candy coated creations that pull your eyes deep beneath the surface, and allow the reflected light flicker as you walk by the sculpture.

1173880-10201691432637563-957714870-n.jpg image.jpeg

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